About Doggy Styling Grooming

Doggy Styling's aim is to provide quality dog grooming and pet minding services ensuring your pet will have a wonderful and stress free experience whilst in our care.

Your pets welfare is our highest priority: And in every case we ensure your pet is safe and comfortable.

We use the highest quality equipment and products on your dog ensuring both you and your pet are happy with the final result.

Our premises maintains favourable ambient temperatures and airflow providing your pet with the upmost comfort in all weather conditions.

Doggy Styling encourages clients to understand that grooming is a part of your dogs health. Regular bathing and brushing keeps your dogs skin healthy, removes odour and maintains a clean and shiny coat.


Jacki & Brad,Oscar the Ridgy

Hi my name is Jacki and I’m the owner of Doggy Styling.


I live in Seaford, Victoria with my husband Brad and our four furry kids (Oscar a Rhodesian Ridgy, Daisy a Bichon Frisé, and two moggys Crackers & Bally).


I have been an animal lover since childhood and have grown up with various animals; including breeding beautiful Boxers.

I have decided to open my own business; as I love dogs, and desire them to be part of my work and home life. I believe I can make a difference to the dog world via my grooming business and I support all organisations which support and protect animals.


I have completed a certificate in grooming at the Dog Diversity Professional Dog Grooming School and will continue to educate and enhance my skills in my journey as a professional dog groomer.

Crackers, Oscar & Daisy & Bally